A few kind words from several parents and students throughout the years.


Gerry (parent), violin

Under Kathleen's tutelage our daughter's skills increased which one would expect with lessons but what also happened was that she had fun and enjoyed playing.  It wasn't always a chore that had to be done and she felt really good when Kathleen was able to help her nail some difficult piece or learn something new.

alice (parent), violin 

Kathleen is a fabulous violin teacher.  She not only is highly trained, but she brings to lessons great patience, humor and a connection with students that make them happy to practice and perform.  She was the reason my son continued to play and enjoy his instrument in middle school and beyond

dylan (student), violin 

Kathleen makes every aspect of violin enjoyable. She challenged me to be better, and made learning fun and stress free while doing so. There was never a dull lesson!

Alex(student), violin 

I began receiving lessons from Miss Kathleen when I was in the 4th grade. She has been my private tutor for the past 8 years, and we only recently stopped having lessons due to her move. She has played a very big role in becoming the musician I am today. With her help and instruction, I participate in my school's highest orchestra, in the Capitol Symphonic Youth Orchestra, and in events such as District Orchestra. She has always inspired and encouraged me to pursue my music related aspirations and, because of that, I plan on studying music in college and pursue it as a career. I can't imagine what I would have done with out her. Over the years of lessons, she has become more than just a teacher. She is my close friend who I continue to go to for advice.